I don't do public speaking as much as I did in the past, so this page is mostly an archive of talks that I've done.
If you're looking for a speaker and you think that I might be a good fit, feel free to get in touch and drop me a line. I'd be happy to have a chat.
In addition to public speaking, I also started and was organiser of the ShoreditchJS meetup in London, UK. We did about a dozen events, and the group grew organically to over 1000 members. The events were hosted by Skimlinks, Uber, and Facebook.
Intro to Webpack
ElixirLDN 2016
September 2016
Developing Products
University College London
February 2016
Starting a Community
Google Community Summit
November 2015
Why Node.js
Maker's Academy
November 2015
CSS Components
August 2015
Caching & Immutable Data
July 2015
$http caching
June 2015
AngularJS Best Practices
October 2014
Introduction to Polymer.js
August 2014
Private workshop
April 2014
Crash Course in Angular.js
Sidekick Studios
June 2013