Hello, I'm Svilen.

I'm an experienced software engineer based in London, UK. I was previously CTO and co-founder at Heresy, a VC-backed company which closed doors in early 2020.

I prefer using Elixir, Phoenix, and the OTP stack on the backend, with modern JavaScript and Phoenix LiveView on the front-end. I'm also writing a book about Elixir, which should be published later this year.

Other than writing code, I also have experience in hiring, building and managing small teams, agile software development, GDPR compliancy, and product management.

I'm not available for hire at the moment, but if you're interested in adopting Elixir at your company, providing training for groups of engineers, or tackling a specific problem, I might be able to help.

Scroll down for more info and if you think we can potentially work together, feel free to get in touch.

Whenever I get time, I'm trying to give back to the development community by speaking at events, occasionally writing articles and working on open source. You can also read some kind words from people I've worked with in the past.

— Svilen

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Open Source
Elixir lib, available on hex.
Elixir lib, available on hex.
Elixir lib, available on hex.
Elixir lib, available on hex.
Elixir lib, available on hex.
JavaScript library, available on npm.
Node.js/Express module, available on npm.
An AngularJS module, available on bower.
Ruby on Rails helper, published on RubyGems.
RHUL Room Booker
C# app that brute-forces the RHUL library booking system.

“Svilen is awesome. He keeps up to date with the ever-changing JavaScript ecosystem, and is keen to try out new tools early to see how they can benefit projects. His full-stack knowledge allows him to pick up new languages and frameworks with ease, and jump into new codebases to begin making improvements quickly. At Skimlinks, he worked his magic on our build processes, approach to testing, code style and documentation. When introducing a new technology, he would prepare and deliver a workshop to help get everyone up to speed. Every team needs a Svilen!“
Imogen Wenthworth (@imogenwentworth)

“Svilen was an excellent partner to run ng-workshop with. His teaching style was thorough and thoughtful towards all levels of the attendees' skill-set. Svilen took a group of people who’d been given a crash course (by myself) in general JavaScript, and hand-held them through progressing in Angular.js without confusing or losing anyone. He’s a solid developer with an outstanding breadth of knowledge.”
Ben Howdle (@benhowdle)

“A superb front-end engineer, with a strong mastery in AngularJS. A pleasure to work with, and one of the smartest developers I know.”
Jack Smith (@jack_l_smith)

“Svilen is everything you need in a quality developer; he understands what needs to be done, he's inquisitive and he gets things done to a very high standard. When he joined The Amazings, he was able to adapt to the codebase very quickly, committing his first code change just a day after he joined. He's a very positive person and has always been up for new challenges. Working with him has been a complete pleasure.”
Oguz Huner (@oguzcanhuner)